#52Ancestors: Grandfather William Wallace Greene’s Four Years at 1920s Phoenix Union High School

Phoenix Union High School

All four years of Grandfather Greene’s Phoenix high school yearbooks have been digitized by Ancestry. Despite finding them last fall, I recently took another look at all four books, and came across a wonderful new discovery.

Close to Identifying My Immigrant Great Grandfather Jose Robledo’s Birth Date and Parents’ Names

Jose Robledo

Two new documents found last month helped me to finally start busting down another 15+ year old brick wall, providing the first references to the names of my great-grandfather José Robledo’s parents. Not even Dad, his cousins, or his uncle (José’s sole living child) know the names of these individuals.

#52Ancestors: Great Uncle Jose Robledo, Jr., WWII Vet, Interred at Los Angeles National Cemetery

Joe Robledo, Jr. - Headstone - Find a Grave

A brief profile of my grandfather’s younger brother, Joe Robledo, Jr., and his service during World War II. Nineteen years after making the U.S. their new home, my immigrant great-grandparents now had multiple sons in the war.

With Whom Did 2nd Great Grandmother Maria Aurelia Compean Immigrate from Mexico in 1919?

Maria Aurelia Compean - Border Crossing 1919

The recent discovery of the last of the border crossing records for my paternal grandfather’s immediate family has prompted me to try to solve a similar mystery about his grandmother Aurelia, whose border record indicates she immigrated alone in 1919. There is just no way my 55 year old non-English-speaking 2nd great grandmother crossed into a new country and traveled from Texas to California by herself.

#52Ancestors: The Way My Robledo and Nieto Family Immigrated to the U.S.

Laredo Foot Bridge

I busted down yet another 15+ year brick wall two days ago, finding the last two border crossing records for the Mexico-born members of my paternal grandfather’s family, who immigrated here in 1915. Reviewing border records for this family of four led me to a new discovery, which involves another family history road trip this fall!