Manuel Nieto Project #52Ancestors: The 1834 Breakup of Rancho Los Nietos in Alta California

Rancho Los Nietos Map, National Park Service

The third part in my ongoing Manuel Nieto Project — trying to prove or disprove my family relationship to this famous early Californian. A look at the initial 1784 Rancho Los Nietos land grant, and its subsequent 1834 breakup into multiple smaller ranchos throughout Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

Robledo: Toying with Starting a One-Name Study

Robledo Coat of Arms - House of Names

After RootsTech 2015, I am seriously considering embarking upon a one-name study for my Robledo (maiden) surname — whether just on my own, or officially registered through the Guild of One-Name Studies. My hope is that a study will help me make a breakthrough on my brick wall Robledo ancestral line.

#52Ancestors: Foster Brother & Sister-in-Law Verne and Edna Buckley Taught My Orphaned Grandfather How to Love

Mike Flanagan With Vern Buckley Family

Orphaned twice by the time he was a toddler, split from his sister and brothers, abused and hurt while a foster child, never wanted enough to be adopted, Grandpa Mike Flanagan should NOT have learned how to love. Except for Verne and Edna Buckley.

Discovering Two More Sets of 3rd Great Grandparents: Sanches, Ochoa, Salas, and Cerna!

Jimenes Francisco - Salas Clara - marriage - 1879 - Spanish.jpg

Two weeks ago today, I knocked one more piece off of a major brickwall ancestral line by identifying the names of two more sets of paternal 3rd great grandparents. Four new names and two new surnames provide clues to keep digging into my New Mexico and Old Mexico roots.

#52Ancestors: Grandfather Benjamin Robledo, So Far Away in WWII New Caledonia

Benjamin Robledo, US Navy

New Caledonia, in particular its port of Nouméa, became a strategic base for the Allies during World War II, serving as the base of operations for the Battle of Guadalcanal in 1942-43 and the Battle of Okinawa in 1945. Navy Station Nouméa is where I first find my grandfather serving in the war. My grandfather served here in 1944.

U.S. Civil War: Francisco Jimenez & the 1st New Mexico Cavalry

Francisco Jimenez, Civil War Pension Index Card

Additional records corroborate my 2nd great grandfather’s service in the 1st New Mexico Cavalry during the U.S. Civil War, and also identify his rank and companies, and confirm his date of death.