#52Ancestors: Treasured Heirloom, MIL Betty Sue Pace’s Well-Worn Bible Allowed Her to be Part of Our Wedding

Betty Pace's Bible

My husband’s mother died from an illness that took her before Jeff and I married and started dating. Her treasured well-worn Bible allowed Betty to be a physical tangible part of our wedding ceremony.

Were My Mexican Ancestors Part of the Elite Landed Hacienda Lifestyle?

On the hacienda in Mexico, SMU Libraries Digital Collections

Taking a closer look at the lifestyle of the pre-revolution Mexican landed class to which my ancestors allegedly belonged before having to flee and start a new life in the United States.

A Look at Villa Hidalgo, SLP, Mexico, Where My 2nd Great-Grandparents Married in 1883

San Jose Cathedral, Villa Hidalgo

Photos and videos of Villa Hidalgo and San José parish, in the state of San Luis Potosí, Mexico. This is where my 2nd great-grandparents, Refugio Nieto and Aurelia Compean, married n 1883.

#52Ancestors: An English Translation for the Mexico Marriage Record of 2nd Great-Grandfather Refugio Nieto

Nieto Refugio - Compean Aurelia - Marriage - 1883 - FamilySearch

An English translation written by my Spanish-fluent father helps me better interpret the genealogical information contained in the 1883 Mexico Catholic church pre-marriage investigation record for my 2nd great grandparents, Refugio Nieto and Aurelia Compean.

#52Ancestors: Grandfather William Wallace Greene’s Four Years at 1920s Phoenix Union High School

Phoenix Union High School

All four years of Grandfather Greene’s Phoenix high school yearbooks have been digitized by Ancestry. Despite finding them last fall, I recently took another look at all four books, and came across a wonderful new discovery.

Close to Identifying My Immigrant Great Grandfather Jose Robledo’s Birth Date and Parents’ Names

Jose Robledo

Two new documents found last month helped me to finally start busting down another 15+ year old brick wall, providing the first references to the names of my great-grandfather José Robledo’s parents. Not even Dad, his cousins, or his uncle (José’s sole living child) know the names of these individuals.