#52Ancestors: Beginning the Search for My Birth Mother, with Whom I Share Half the Same DNA

Colleen Robledo, Baby

This past Monday marked the anniversary of my parents bringing me home as a baby, which six months later resulted in my legal adoption. I have the best parents and family in the world, and have never felt the need to try to find my birth parents. Last week though, I I finally caved and began the process of identifying my biological family by taking an autosomal DNA test through Ancestry.com.

#52Ancestors: My Favorite Irish Ancestor, Grandpa Michael John Flanagan (1927-1997)

Flanagan Hayes, Leprechaun

When anyone in my family thinks of St. Paddy’s Day, they always and automatically think of Grandpa. Michael John Flanagan’s proud Irish heritage never shone brighter than on St. Paddy’s Day each year. Knowing absolutely nothing about his immediate or extended family, Michael clung desperately to his Irish roots.

Dad’s Ethnicity Estimates on AncestryDNA vs Family Tree DNA: Robledo, Nieto, Salas, Jimenez

Dad Family Tree DNA Ethnic Makeup Overview

Despite having Dad test with AncestryDNA over a year ago, I never really did anything productive with his autosomal DNA results until now, after learning about transferring the raw data to Family Tree DNA. My FTDNA results and matches got unlocked and processed last week. Comparing Dad’s ethnicity estimates from both sites is my first step into analyzing his DNA.

#52Ancestors: Storms Surrounding General Washington’s Bodyguard, Sergeant William Pace

Washington and Lafayette at Valley Forge

Profiling William Pace’s service at Valley Forge, and discussing the genealogy controversy surrounding his connection to Richard Pace of Jamestown. We think William Pace was my husband’s 5th great grandfather, and have heard that we are (through him) also descended from Richard Pace, who saved Jamestown. But what does the Pace DNA Project say about this connection?

Robledo One-Name Study: Early United States Census Analysis, 1790 to 1850

Robledo One-Name Study, 1850 US Census Analysis, Ancestry.com

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was toying with starting a one-name study for my Robledo surname. This is the second post in that series, focusing on an analysis of the 1790 to 1850 U.S. Census to identify the first appearance of the Robledo surname in the United States.

#52Ancestors: Grandmother Rosie Salas Married Benjamin Robledo Surprisingly Close to My Home

Rosie Salas, Newly Married, Early 1940s

Despite them both living in Los Angeles County, California, and Benjamin having a very large family in Los Angeles County, my grandparents Rosie Salas and Benjamin Robledo chose to marry in nearby Orange County. I found this out when I discovered their marriage record, which came as a big surprise to both me and my dad….because his parents married one city away from where I spent my entire childhood.