#52Ancestors: The Revolutionary War Pension Affidavit of 5th Great-Grandfather Ferdinand Harless

Harless Ferdinand Revolutionary War Pension Application

Taking another look at the pension records of my husband Jeff’s 5th great-grandfather, and transcribing the affidavit for richer biographical and wartime service analysis.

The Genealogy Fallout from Nixing Richard Pace of Jamestown Due to DNA

Richard Pace Not Related

Armed with the recent findings from our male-line Y-DNA test results for my husband’s Pace line, I now face the unpleasant chore of cleaning up my genealogy house due to this fallout, and outlining some next steps for my research plan.

#52Ancestors: DNA Proves Our Pace Research is Only Halfway Right

Richard Pace Not Related

After three months of waiting for it to finish processing, my husband’s Pace family’s much-anticipated Y-DNA results debunk the belief that they are descended from Richard Pace of Jamestown.

#52Ancestors: 2nd Great-Grandfather Leonard Jackson Harless Homesteaded in California

Leonard Jackson Harless - 1910 Homstead Patent

Taking a California Homesteading class at the SoCal Genealogy Jamboree leads me to discover that my husband’s California pioneer 2nd great-grandfather received a homestead patent in Mariposa County.

#52Ancestors: Treasured Heirloom, MIL Betty Sue Pace’s Well-Worn Bible Allowed Her to be Part of Our Wedding

Betty Pace's Bible

My husband’s mother died from an illness that took her before Jeff and I married and started dating. Her treasured well-worn Bible allowed Betty to be a physical tangible part of our wedding ceremony.

Were My Mexican Ancestors Part of the Elite Landed Hacienda Lifestyle?

On the hacienda in Mexico, SMU Libraries Digital Collections

Taking a closer look at the lifestyle of the pre-revolution Mexican landed class to which my ancestors allegedly belonged before having to flee and start a new life in the United States.