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Friday, April 6, 2012

Family Photos Friday: Hessie Hemphill McNamara

Hester "Hessie" Hemphill McNamara (1853-1941)
This week's "Family Photos Friday" features a well worn photo I discovered just this week in the Public Family History Content of, from Public Tree member jad3164.  The subject is my husband's great-great-grandmother, Hester "Hessie" Hemphill McNamara (1853-1941).

I myself haven't done much research on our McNamara line, but fortunately, there are already a ton of other genealogists who have heavily researched and documented this family.  I will share more about Hessie as I corroborate the information so generously shared by my fellow family historians.

And I just love how many people now share ancestral photos on their Ancestry Public Trees.  What a joyful discovery each time I stumble across a photo of my family's ancestors or distant relations.  I myself now try to remember to post photos from our own collections whenever I am adding to one of our public family tree profiles on Ancestry, to reciprocate and allow other researches to use and share these photographic treasures.

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